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Beaver Solutions LLC specializes in resolving human/beaver conflicts. The founder of Beaver Solutions is Mike Callahan who left a 20 year medical career as a Physician Assistant to work with beavers. Starting a volunteer in 1998, Mike has installed over 1,500 successful flow devices, than anyone else in North America. His expertise and desire to provide the best beaver management possible drives Beaver Solutions LLC to lead the way in cost-effective, environmentally friendly beaver control.

Today Beaver Solutions is internationally recognized as a world leader in effective beaver management. Founder and owner, Mike Callahan has widely shared his beaver expertise in presentations, workshops and conferences across the US, Canada and Europe. Beaver Solutions LLC also created a widely acclaimed flow device instructional DVD to help others solve their own beaver flooding issues with well-designed flow devices. In 2017, Mike also founded the charitable nonprofit, Beaver Institute, Inc. to better promote progressive beaver management across North America and Europe.

We are proud of the reputation we have earned working for clients such as state and local highway departments, public utilities, state and federal agencies, private businesses, conservation groups, and private landowners. Take a look their reviews. We look forward to serving you also.