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Keep Dam Spillways and Drains Flowing Despite Beavers

Structures designed to drain water, such as man-made dam spillways and retention ponds are common sites for beaver problems. A blocked drainage structure can quickly cause dangerous and expensive flooding issues. Fortunately nearly every man-made drainage structure can be protected from beavers in a cost-effective, long-term, environmentally friendly and humane manner. We have installed hundreds of flow management devices on these structures with a 99% success rate without needing to get rid of the beavers.

We use different flow device designs which are customized for the specifics of each site. Important considerations include: the type and size of the drain structure, seasonal water flows, desired water level, tolerance for water level fluctuations, etc.


Your group’s solution of setting up a hidden system of pipes to draw down the water levels is not only a more humane way to solve the beaver dam ponding problem, but is also a more effective long term solution. Keep up the excellent work.

Public Works Director
South Hadley, MA