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While beavers are considered to be pests by some, scientists actually have proven that beavers are a “Keystone” species in North America. This means that beavers play a crucial role in biodiversity. Innumerable species rely either partly or entirely on beaver-created habitat, and many of these species are either threatened or endangered. Therefore, whenever we can coexist with beavers, we are providing the habitat necessary for supporting many other species, and protecting the web of life upon which we all depend.

In addition to the very important biodiversity issue, most people are not aware that there are many other benefits to beaver ponds as outlined below.

Beaver Pond Benefits

Direct Benefits to Humans

  • Decrease damaging floods
  • Recharge drinking water aquifers
  • Remove pollutants from surface and ground water
  • Drought protection
  • Decreased erosion

Other Benefits

  • Produce food for fish and other animals
  • Support biodiversity, including 43% of our endangered species
  • Increase salmon populations
  • Create various vital habitats
  • Repair incised and damaged stream channels and watersheds
  • Preserve open space
  • Maintain stream and river flow
  • Greater opportunities for; Wildlife observation, Hunting and trapping, Canoeing / kayaking, Fishing, Photography, Bird watching and Quiet relaxation in nature