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Beaver Management Study Billerica, MA - 2019

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Beaver Control Workshops and Educational Programs

Since 1999 Mike Callahan has been giving educational presentations and workshops to a wide range of audiences regarding beavers and effective beaver management strategies. Mike effectively draws upon his unsurpassed experience successfully resolving human-beaver conflicts, and he has a great ability to tailor his presentations to his audience’s interests and concerns. He has taught groups as diverse as Federal and State Fish, Wildlife and Forestry Agencies, Municipal Government Officials, Public Utility Professionals, Environmental Nonprofit Groups, Homeowners, and Elementary and College Students.

Beaver Solutions Workshops include:

  • An educational group presentation, using PowerPoint and other teaching aids.
  • A hands-on portion where workshop attendees can observe or assist with flow device construction and installation.
    • DIY training and instructional videos are also available.

Workshop Organizer’s Testimonials

Michael Callahan’s 2011 two-day workshop building two different flow control devices on Boulder Mountain on the Fishlake NF in southern Utah was regarded as extremely helpful by the Forest Service, state wildlife agency, and community participants. Michael introduced innovative changes to address site-specific constraints, enthusiastically incorporated suggestions of participants, and reminded everyone that they would be able to later contact him if and when they ran into site peculiarities or challenges. Michael’s workshops are engaging, fun, practical, and above all, respectful of beaver

Mary O’Brien
Grand Canyon Trust

Beaver Solutions was able to help Boulder Community Alliance put on a two day workshop to learn how to install beaver flow control devices. Mike was so easy to work with was very well organized. His methods really work. We appreciated how pleasant and considerate he was with us and the other participants. We would recommend Beaver Solutions to anyone. I sincerely appreciated having you lead our workshop. It turned out exceptionally well for us.

Sage Sorenson
Boulder Community Alliance

When you visited us, here in Juneau, we did two main things.

  1. A group now called the Beaver Patrol and some US Forest Service folks (they administer the lands where we work) walked around to all the problem sites in the area. You evaluated each site and suggested appropriate nonlethal solutions to control flooding of trails. We talked about probable beaver responses to different solutions, too. That was very educational. (We have the additional problem here of allowing fish passage, but we are working on that.)
  2. We convened a dinner with AK Fish and Game folks, US Forest Service, Beaver Patrol, Trout Unlimited, and anyone else who was interested. You gave an informative talk [and a detailed report] about how to deal with our beaver problems. This was very well received.

This was followed up by using your DVD on how to construct various barriers to beaver-clogging of culverts and pond levelers. We have used this a lot, to train our team. It is currently on loan to either the USFS or AK F&G. In short, you put us on the road to working constructively and nonlethally with beaver problems, so we can keep our beavers and the good habitats they provide.  The remaining problems are political! Best wishes!

Mary Willson,
Juneau Beaver Patrol

DIY and Professional Training Available

Coexisting with beaver whenever possible makes good ecologic and economic sense. Mike is committed to sharing his wealth of beaver management knowledge with others to help them successfully install successful flow devices across North America.

Beaver Solutions owner Mike Callahan is also Founder and President of the nonprofit Beaver Institute Inc. and has developed both DIY and Professional beaver management trainings. For more information on getting trained yourself simply simply click HERE.