Remote Site Assessments Nationwide. On-Site Services in Southern New England.

Having assessed and implemented successful solutions at over 2,000 beaver conflict sites, Mike Callahan and Beaver Solutions LLC are extremely qualified to determine the best options to resolve your beaver issue.

Our highly successful flow devices usually offer the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution to beaver-related flooding problems. We combine an understanding of beaver behavior and abilities with the latest advances in design to create cost-effective, low maintenance flow devices that prevent damaging flooding. For the occasional site where flow devices are not feasible we offer professional, humane beaver trapping.

Beaver Solutions Site Assessments Include:

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  • Clear identification of your beaver issue(s) and goals
  • Collection of site specific information
  • Data analysis
  • Specific recommendations in a written report
  • Written cost estimates for any recommended work
  • DIY flow device instructional DVD also available


A good site assessment is the foundation of successful beaver management.

We have done over 2,000 successful site assessments and interventions, more than anyone else.

Mike Callahan
Beaver Solutions, LLC