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Beavers blocking your spillway or drainage structure? Get advice on beaver proof kits for drainage structures. Ask about Site Assessments.
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Avoid A Blocked Drain Beaver Problem

Blocked Drains Need Beaver Proof Culverts from

Keep Spillways and Drains Clear with Custom Beaver Pipe and Fence Kits

Structures designed to drain water, such as man-made dam spillways and retention ponds are common sites for problematic beaver damming. A blocked drainage structure can quickly cause dangerous and expensive flooding issues. Fortunately nearly every man-made drain structure can be protected from beavers in a cost-effective, long-term, environmentally friendly and humane manner. We have installed hundreds of flow devices on these structures with a 99% success rate without the need to remove the beavers. See our video testimonials.

We use different flow device designs which are customized for the specifics of each site. Important considerations include: type and size of the drain structure, seasonal water flows, desired water depth, fish and wildlife passage, habitat, etc. To determine which type of flow device would best resolve your beaver damming issue simply click here.

Blocked Drains Need Beaver Proof Culverts from

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